Jysa BP

Artist Manager

Grant DeBacher


+1 (786) 368 0059


1.5 Million+ Viral Impressions & Streams

  • "Let Em Know" featured by Spotify's 'New Artist Discover Weekly Playlist' and currently over 200,000+ Spotify streams. 
  • 40,000+ monthly Spotify Listeners.
  • Top 5 Twin Cities Hip-Hop artists to watch out for - GO 95.3FM
  • Winner of Minnesota's 2016 'Battle of The MC's.' 
  • City Pages 'Top 5 Videos of the Week' for "Love and Other Drugs (L.A.O.D.)."
  • 89.9FM KMOJ's 'Song of The Night' - "Way Out."
  • Finals Round Competitor of GO 95.3FM's 'Shut Up and Rap' Competition.
  • 8,100+ Facebook Band Page Followers.
  • With the successful launch and critical acclaim of his new EP: TRIUMPHANT (9/1), Jysa BP is proving to be a force to be reckoned with, within the music community. 


"He also remains authentically himself with positive, sing-rap lyrics free of profanities. His lyrics are embedded with highly personal anecdotes echoing Eminem."

Sophia Khori

GO 95.3 FM

"Jysa BP's soulful writing and lyrical realness is reminiscent of a second coming of 2 Pac."

DJ Mister Vee

CJLO 1690 AM

"HIs ability to shift back and forth between flows is the reason why I call him, The New Wave!"

DJ Mike Saunders

101.9 Kiss FM

"Jysa is a very talented artist who I can see going very far. I'm very excited to see where his music takes him."

Melody Waters

The JUICE Radio


Hailing from Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, Jysa BP is an extraordinary talent, who is best known for his melodic harmonies, hard hitting Hip Hop bars and his undeniably catchy melodies.

Whereas most artists find comfort in replicating similar styles, Jysa BP is not afraid to start his own movement - a movement that is based on lyrical realism, uplifting undertones and an overall absence of profanity. 

Jysa Bp- Let Em Know

jysa bp- way out

Jysa bp- Yesterday

Jysa bp - let em know

jysa bp - way out

Jysa bp - l.a.o.d.